Privacy Notice

Café Communications Kft. (hereinafter referred to as Café) as the operator of the websites available under and domains (hereinafter referred to as the Website), hereby publishes the rules, date protection and processing principles applicable to data processing performed in connection with the Website and the Website-related services, as well as the information on data processing.

By starting to use of the Website, users visiting the Website (hereinafter referred to as the User) accept all terms and conditions of this Information Note, therefore we ask you to read carefully this Information Note on Data Processing (the Information Note) before using the Website.

Details of the Data Controller

The data are processed by the operator of the Website named Café Communications Kft. (hereinafter referred to as Café) (hereinafter referred to as Data Controller).

Registered address: H-1035 Budapest, Seregély u. 3-5.
Company registration number: 01-09-865021
Represented by: András Viniczai
Email address:
Phone number:+36 1 880-3000
Data Processing registration number: NAIH-104046/2016.
Direct marketing related data processing registration number: NAIH-104046/2016.

Users may provide their information in two ways at the Website:

  • Personal data explicitly provided or made available while using the Website (see Part I).
  • Information made available to Data Controller in connection with using and visiting the Website (see Part II).


1.) What kind of personal data are requested?

When registering for the Conference:

If you register for a Conference announced on the Website, the following personal data shall be provided:

  • name
  • company name
  • name of the contact person
  • email address
  • invoicing address shipping address

Only persons aged 16 or over are entitled to provide data on the Website.

2.) Purpose and Term of Data Processing

Data Controller uses the data for the supply of the services available at the Website, so in particular for the following purposes:

  • During registration for the Conference, the purpose of data processing is to record registrations, manage and record Applicants’ data, fulfilment of registrations, management of duties in connection with paying of participation fee and invoicing, contacts with Users in connection with the Conference;
  • Using the “Contact” function the purpose of data processing is keeping contact, primarily in order that User can be informed appropriately, handling effectively and quickly all problems and claims which might arise, and replying the message sent by User.

Data Controller processes the personal data until the purpose of data processing persists, so primarily for the term of the legal relationship with the given User (by the end of such period the data relating to the User concerned shall be erased), or until the User does not request the erasure of his data or does not withdraw his consent.

3.) Legal Basis for Processing Personal Data

By registering for the Conference, Users give their consent to Data Controller for the processing of their personal data. The processing of personal data shall be based on User’s voluntary consent, in the knowledge of this information note.

In certain cases, the processing, storage and transfer of certain data is required by law and Data Controller shall be obliged to inform Users of such circumstance on each occurrence.

Users may only provide their own personal data on the Website. If they do not provide their own personal data, the data provider shall obtain the data subject’s consent.

4.) Who may know the registered data?

Only the Data Controller and his colleagues shall be entitled to know the personal data according to applicable law.

Data are processed by Data Controller, and no data processor is engaged. Data Controller reserves the right to engage data processors in the future provided that it shall inform Data Subjects thereof by amending this Information Note.

Unless otherwise provided by law, Data Controller may only transfer data identifying the applicant to third parties with User’s explicit consent.

5.) User’s Rights in Connection with the Data Processed

At Data Subject's request, Data Controller shall provide information about the personal data processed, the source of such data, the purpose, legal basis and duration of data processing, the name and address of data processor and its activity related to the data processing, as well as the legal basis and addressees of data transfer if Data Subject's personal data are transferred. Information may be requested in email at email address or via mail at the following postal address: H-1035 Budapest, Seregély u. 3-5. In either case, the personal identity must be proved and his postal address shall be provided. Data Controller shall reply in writing within 25 (twenty-five) days after receipt of the request.

Data Subject may request the correction of his personal data (indicating correct data) at email address or H-1035 Budapest, Seregély u. 3-5. postal address, proving his personal identity and providing his mailing address in both cases. Data Controller shall immediately correct data in the register and shall inform Data Subject thereof.

In addition to the above, Data Subject may ask for the partial or full erasure or blocking of his data any time at email address or H-1035 Budapest, Seregély u. 3-5. postal address, free of charge, without explanation, proving his personal identity and providing his postal address. Following the receipt of erasure request, Data Controller shall immediately stop data processing and erase Data Subject from the register.

Instead of erasure, Data Controller blocks personal data if the Data Subject so requests or if the information available gives grounds for suspecting that erasure might prejudice the Data Subject's legitimate interests. The so blocked data shall be processed only for the purpose which prevented their erasure.

If Data Controller refuses to comply with Data Subject’s request for rectification, blocking or erasure, the factual or legal reasons on which the decision for refusing the request for rectification, blocking or erasure is based shall be communicated in writing within 25 (twenty-five) days of receipt of the request. In case of rejection of the request for correction, blocking or erasure, Data Controller shall inform the Data Subject which judicial remedies are available and that he can turn to the National Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information.

The Data Subject shall have the right to object to the processing of data relating to him:

  • if processing or transfer is carried out solely for the purpose of discharging the Data Controller’s legal obligation or enforcing the rights and legitimate interests of Data Controller, the recipient or a third party, unless processing is mandatory;
  • if personal data is used or transferred for the purposes of direct marketing, public opinion polling or scientific research; and
  • in all other cases prescribed by law.

In the event of objection, Data Controller shall investigate the cause of objection within the shortest possible time, but in any case within a 15 days, adopt a decision as to merits and shall notify the applicant in writing of its decision. If Data Subject does not agree with Data Controller’s decision, or if Data Controller fails to observe the above deadline, Data Subject may seek remedy before court within 30 days from the notification of the decision or the last day of the deadline.


1.) What kind of information we collect in connection with using the Web Page?

If User does not explicitly give any information about himself on the Website according to the Information Note on Data Processing, Data Controller shall not collect or process any personal data of User in a manner allowing for User’s personal identification.

By visiting the Website or pushing the “Accept” button, all Users agree that Data Controller may use cookies handled by third party service providers to record data and information specified in this Information Note, in connection with the Website.

Such data are the data of the User’s registering computer which are generated during the use of the Website and which are recorded by the cookies used on the Website as the automatic result of technical processes. The system automatically logs automatically recorded data when the Web page is visited or left - without User’s separate statement or action.

These data shall not be linked to users’ other personal data, i.e User cannot be identified by these data. These data are only available for the third party service providers handling cookies and Data Controller.

Data Controller only uses cookies handled by third party service providers (e.g. Google) on the Website. Cookies are short text files which are sent by the Website to the hard disc of User’s computer, and they contain information of the User.

Data Controller uses the services of Google Analytics in connection with the Website. Cookies handled by Google Analytics help to measure popularity and other web analytical data of the Website. Information collected by cookies are forwarded to external servers operated by Google and are stored there. Google mainly uses this information in the interest of Data Controller to follow-up the popularity of the Website and to analyse the activities performed on the Website. Google is entitled to transfer these data to third persons if this is required by law. Furthermore, Google is entitled to forward these data to third parties who are engaged by it with the processing of the data. Google Analytics can give detailed information of data processing by Google Analytics (

Advertisements of Data Controller are published by third party service providers (Google, Facebook) online. These third party service providers (Google, Facebook) store by cookies the information that the User has already visited Data Controller’s Website, and based on this, they publish dedicated advertisements for Users (that means they do remarketing activities).

Google cookies may be disabled using Advertisement preferences (more information: Users may disable the cookies of third party service providers on the unsubscription page of Network Advertising Initiative (

For the abovementioned third party service providers, the data protection provisions specified by them apply; and Data Controller does not assume any liability in connection with their data processing.

2.) How we use this information?

Data collected with the abovementioned technologies may not be used to identify User, and Data Controller may not link these data to any data which may be used for identification.

The primary purpose of use of these data is to allow Data Controller to operate the Website appropriately, requiring in particular the monitoring of data relating to the Website visits and the filtering of any misuse.

In addition, Data Controller may use these information to analyse use tendencies and to develop or improve functions of the Website, as well as, to obtain comprehensive traffic data about the use of the Website.

Data Controller may use the data so obtained to set up and analyse statistics regarding the Website, and to forward statistical data which are not suitable for identification (e.g. visitors’ number, most visited topics or contents) to third parties, or to publish them in an aggregated and anonymous way.

3.) Possibility to disable cookies:

If You do not want Your data concerning the use of the Website to be collected in the abovementioned manner, you can partially or fully disable cookies in Your browser’s preferences, or You can otherwise modify the settings of cookies.

4.) Cookies placed by third parties:

The Website may contain information, including in particular advertisements from third parties or advertising service providers that are not in relationship with or websites. It may well be the case that such third parties place cookies or web beacons on the user’s computer, or using similar technologies they collect data in order to send adverts to the user in connection with their own services. In these cases, the data protection provisions specified by the abovementioned third party service providers shall apply; and Data Controller does not assume any liability in connection with their data processing.


Data Controller does not assume any liability for the content or data and information protection practices of external websites that are available through hyperlinks from the Website. If Data Controller learns that a website linked by him or the linking violates third parties’ rights or the applicable laws, the link shall immediately be removed from the Website.


Data Controller shall ensure data security, and he shall take all technical and organizational measures and establish procedural rules that make sure the protection of recorded, stored and processed data, and protect them from destruction, unauthorized use or unauthorized modification. In addition, it shall invite all third parties to whom data are transferred or provided upon the Users’ consent to comply with data security requirements.

Data Controller shall make sure that no unauthorized person have access to, publish, transfer, modify or erase the data processed. Data processed shall exclusively be known by Data Controller, its employees and subcontracted Data Processor(s); they may not be transferred by Data Controller to any third parties who are not authorized to know the data.

Data Controller uses his best endeavors to protect data from being damaged or destroyed, even accidentally. Data Controller shall cause everybody who involved in data processing to make the above commitment.

User acknowledges and agrees that the protection of his data cannot fully be guaranteed on the Internet if he provides his personal data at the Website, despite of the fact that Data Controller has modern security tools to prevent unauthorized access or data dredging. In the event of unauthorized access or data dredging despite our efforts, Data Controller shall not be liable for such unauthorized data access or dredging or for any damage incurred by User due to the above reasons. Moreover, User may give his personal data to third parties who can use them for any illegal purposes or in illegal ways.

Data Controller shall under no circumstances collect special data, i.e. personal data revealing racial or ethnic origin or nationality, political opinions and any affiliation with political parties, religious or philosophical beliefs or trade-union membership, and personal data concerning sex life, and personal data concerning health, pathological addictions, or criminal record;

It is important for data security that you should always log out of the Website after using the Internet in public places on public computers. If You visit our Website from Your own computer, you remain logged in for a certain time, depending on the application. You should be careful in this case as well, and make sure that no unauthorized persons access Your computer and can carry out transactions in Your name.


Data Controller shall take all steps in order that personal data processing is carried out in accordance with law, but if You feel that we do not comply with any legislation, please write at e-mail address or H-1035 Budapest, Seregély u. 3-5. postal address.

If you think Your right for the protection of personal data is violated, You can appeal to the competent authorities according to the applicable law: National

  • Authority for Data Protection and Freedom of Information (address: H-125 Budapest, Szilágyi Erzsébet fasor 22/C.)
  • or court.

Advertisements sent electronically are supervised by the National Media and Infocommunications Authority, detailed rules can be found in Act CXII of 2011 on the right to informational self-determination and freedom of information and in Act CVIII of 2001 on electronic commerce and certain issues of information society services.


This Information Note shall be governed by the Hungarian law including, in particular, Act CXII of 2011 on informational self-determination and freedom of information.

Data Controller reserves the right to amend this Information Note unilaterally at any time, subject to notification of the parties concerned.

Budapest, 1 September 2016
Café Communications Kft.
Data Controller